Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment of the Neck

  • July 01, 2019

Manipulation of the cervical spine or neck region is a common technique utilized by Doctors of Chiropractic for many patients complaining of neck, upper back, and shoulder/arm pain, as well as headaches.

Torn Meniscus - Newark, New Jersey

Torn Meniscus Treatment Options

  • June 01, 2019

The meniscus is a crescent-shaped structure that cushions the knee joint. Basically it is, the "shock absorber" of the knee. There are two menisci in each knee, one in the inner region of the knee joint ...

Scoliosis, Sideways Curvature of the Spine

Scoliosis, Sideways Curvature of the Spine

  • May 01, 2019

Suburban Orthopaedic Mediical Center in Newark, New Jersey, can treat you, or your child after a scoliosis diagnosis. You will be able to work with our doctors to determine the best way ...

Interventional Pain Management, Newark, New Jersey

Interventional Pain Management

  • March 01, 2019

Modern treatment of pain has drastically affected how pain is managed today as opposed to just a few years ago. Healthcare professionals previously only had a limited base ...

Chiropractic Relief for That Numb Hand

  • February 01, 2019

You’ve been working at the office day after day for years, staring at your computer screen and moving that mouse like a pair of nunchakus, but today there’s something different.

Do You Need Physical Therapy?

  • January 01, 2019

Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center, in Newark, New Jersey offers exceptional Patient Physical Therapy that is designed to help you get back to the active life you had.

Caring for Sports Injuries

  • January 2018

Even when you do everything right, things can go wrong. You can wear all the right safety gear. You can stick to a sensible training program.

Degenerative Disc Disease

  • November 01, 2017

Continuous turning and twisting can take a toll on the neck and back. You can blame it on everything from overuse of technology, or on a hectic lifestyle.

Anatomy of the Spine

  • October 01, 2017

Understanding the anatomy of the spine is a fundamental basis to understanding your spinal condition.

Where Neck Pain Begins

  • December 01, 2017

Neck Pain is a common problem that severely impacts the quality of your life. It can limit your ability to be active. It can cause you to miss work.